We work exclusively with small businesses. As a business owner, you have a passion for what you do. We respect that and want to see you succeed.


We help you craft your story into a compelling message that appeals to the right target audience. We help you build your brand culture. We help you develop marketing and design pieces that speak to your target audiences. We use proven marketing techniques, design techniques and sales techniques to help you reach the next level in your business. We do this effectively and affordably, guaranteed.

We’ve been in business since 1998. We have clients across the country. We have strategic partners that are all in the U.S. that have our same passion for small businesses. Chris Trezise the owner of Brainstorm International oversees every aspect of every project.

As a way to break the ice and help get our conversation started, we offer potential clients a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION. A detailed review of your current marketing and potential opportunities. I would be happy to set you up an appointment.



We take the hassle out of marketing your business. We help you develop an easy to follow marketing action plan and help with a lot of the work and most of the ideas. It doesn’t cost a lot to get a lot.

We provide small business marketing and design packages starting at 275/mth which includes a custom designed website, logo design, and monthly social media, marketing plan, and website management.

We help you figure out the basics.

  1. Who’s your client
  2. Why they need you
  3. Where to market
  4. How to set goals
  5. How to get the message out
  6. How to measure success
  7. How to get it all done

We help you look professional to compete anywhere.

  1. A custom designed logo with your clients in mind
  2. Custom designed artwork that tells your story
  3. Access to photographers and photography assistance
  4. Access to videography assistance
  5. A website that you will be proud to share
  6. Materials to help you tell your story better
  7. Printed tools that look and feel professional
  8. Setup standard for consistency
  9. Provide way to get your materials for less

We help you sound professional to make the best first impression.

  1. Content that answers your client’s questions
  2. Professionally written articles
  3. Help with crafting your presentations
  4. Help with crafting your memory hooks and slogans

We help you stay organized and focused.

  1. We help you setup an action plan
  2. We help you setup an editorial calendar for social media, blogging, and media
  3. We help you plan for events
  4. We help you stay on course
  5. We help you focus on your target
  6. We help you focus on your purpose
  7. We remind you of the things you hold important
  8. We provide you with resources for self-growth, time management, selling, writing, and more
  9. We provide you with resources for like-minded people
  10. We provide you with brainstorming opportunities
  11. We provide you with mastermind opportunities
  12. We help you stay accountable to your goals